With the holidays upon us, you may dread coming up with ideas for employee gifts. At the same time, you know your employees really look forward to these gifts and this special time of recognition. If you want to go beyond the standard cash or gift card this year, read on for some ideas for employee gifts that can truly make them feel appreciated in your organization. As you do so, keep in mind the importance of remaining fair with gift-giving by not favoring some employees with much better gifts than others.


Time Off Coupons

If there’s one thing that employees value as much as money, it’s time. It feels like there’s never enough of it to finish everything they need to do, especially around the holidays. That’s why granting a bit of extra time off is such a generous and thoughtful gift. Whether it’s for a long lunch, half a day, or a longer amount of time, employees are sure to appreciate the opportunity to get things done without having to worry about putting in a request for time off that you may need to deny.


Match Donations to the Favorite Charities of Employees

People tend to be especially generous with their money this time of year and may give to one or several causes that matter to them. If you know that a lot of your employees donate, consider asking them to write down in confidence the organizations they support and the amount of their last donations. You can then offer to match the most recent donation, which just might make your employees more generous with their own charitable giving. It’s certainly a win-win for the organization receiving both donations.


Flexible Hours Between Christmas and New Year’s Day

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is often a slow one for many companies with numerous employees taking time off. For those left behind to pick up the slack, offering shorter days and flexible start and end times should be something that employees appreciate. A more casual dress code to go with the more casual atmosphere can also be a fun holiday perk.

Are you counting down the days to the holidays feeling stressed because you don’t know how to budget for employee gifts or what to buy? Your fellow members of the Professional Accounting Small Business Administration (PABSA) can help by sharing what has worked for them. If you’re not yet a member, give yourself a gift this holiday season by completing a membership application today.